Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

SPSS, originally known as Statistical Package for Social Sciences, has now become a leading, powerful statistical software which is now not just limited to original field but widely used to solve a variety of research and business matters and problems in different field. This is a package of solution designed to expand your analytical knowledge and capabilities providing a range of statistical techniques along with hypothesis testing, analysis and reporting. This ultimately makes it easier to access data, manage them, and then select required techniques to perform analysis and share the final output results.

SPSS training courses provides full coverage of SPSS statistics from fundamentals to data management, statistical analysis with interpretation of results, statistical methods and techniques for survey analysis.

Course Highlights

SPSS training course is specifically designed to support aspiring surveyors, statisticians and professionals involved in research, data management and data analysis. The course is designed for those students who are looking for having a clear idea and make use of SPSS software to perform their statistical works making the data management and analysis easy and accurate. Broadway has designed the standard SPSS learning course that includes basic introduction to SPSS giving you the clear idea of fundamentals and then slowly progress you towards data management and analytical parts. It has really become essential to take help of software with the increasing number and complexity of data nowadays and requirement of quick delivery of results has made it even more essential.

 Benefits of SPSS Training

  1. Personalized feedback on project
  2. Wide access to course materials
  3. Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  4. Motivation and encouragement
  5. Regular interaction with experienced Data analysts involved in working with SPSS in their projects
  6. Comprehensive training methodology
  7. Overall emphasis in practical approach training
  8. Proper instruction and guidance for interpretation of statistical results while performing data analysis.